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Python List (With Examples) - Python lists, how they are created, slicing of a list, adding or removing elements

2020-09-14 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How to create a list In Python programming, a list is created by placing all the items "elements" inside separated by commas, square brackets []. It can have any number of items and they may have been of different types [string , integer, float etc.]. A list can also have another list as an item. This is called a nested list. Python List With Examples Python lists, how they are created, slicing of a list, adding or removing elements.


List In C#

2020-08-18 C#

It is the generic version of the ArrayList that comes under System.Collection.Generic namespace. The List<T> is a collection of strongly typed objects that can be accessed by index and having methods for searching, sorting, and modifying the list.


How to minify Javascript code

2020-06-06 Javascript

How to minify Javascript code: in this article, we will describe, this includes the removal of whitespace, comments, and semicolons, along with the use of shorter variable names and functions. Minification of JavaScript code results in compact file size. Minification, also known as minimization, is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from JavaScript source code without altering its functionality.


How to Convert DataTable to Generic List in C#

2020-06-03 C#

How to Convert DataTable to Generic List in C#, Sometimes we need to convert DataTable to generic List. Suppose we want to convert a DataTable (containing data of Employee table) to a generic List of custom data type Employee Model



2020-05-25 SQL Server

NULL VALUES and NULL FUNCTIONS in SQL:- In this article, If we do not fill any data in any field if it is not required or we can say that if that field is optional then by default, a table column hold NULL value. You know that NULL value means 0 (Zero), Empty cell, empty, missing, or unknown data.


Cursor in SQL

2020-05-15 SQL Server

Cursor in SQL may be a set of rows along side a pointer that identifies a current row. it's a database object to retrieve data from a result set one row at a time. it's useful once we want to control the record of a table during a singleton method, in other words one row at a time. use of a cursor in SQL, types of the cursor in SQL, cursor in SQL example with a stored procedure, sql server cursor example multiple columns, sql server cursor for update, trigger and cursor in sql, cursor in pl/sql, types of cursor in SQL, cursor in SQL minify code, cursor in SQLserver, cursor in SQL, nested cursor in SQLserver.



2020-05-12 SQL Server

SQL ALTER TABLE statement is used to modify the table structure, you can modify column(s), add column(s), drop column(s) or work on constraints. Here we will use tbl_employee table for practice. In this table we will add Address column, so we can write below query.


CASE statement in SQL

2020-05-11 SQL Server

CASE statement in SQL, The CASE statement goes through conditions and returns a value when the first condition is ( IF-THEN-ELSE statement). So, once a condition is true, it will stop reading and return the result. If no conditions are true, it returns the value in the ELSE clause.


SQL Group By Clause

2020-05-07 SQL Server

SQL Group By Clause. Group by clause is used to group the results of a SELECT query based on one or more columns. It is also used with SQL functions to group the result from one or more tables.


SQL UNION Operator

2020-05-07 SQL Server

The SQL UNION operator is employed to mix the result sets of two or more SELECT statements. It removes duplicate rows between the varied SELECT statements. Each SELECT statement within the UNION must have an equivalent number of fields within the result sets with similar data types.


Python Interview Questions and Answers

2020-04-29 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Python Interview Questions and Answers, What is Python? What are the benefits of using Python? Python is a programming language with objects, threads, modules, automatic memory management, and exceptions. python programming interview questions, python interview questions pdf, python interview questions and answers for testers, python coding questions, 100 python interview questions and answers pdf free download, python programming questions and answers pdf, python interview questions for data science, python programming interview questions and answers pdf


SQL Aliases

2020-04-26 SQL Server

SQL Aliases, It is used when the name of a column or table is used other than their original names, but the modified name is only temporary, Aliases are the temporary names given to the table or column for the purpose of a particular SQL query.


SQL Wildcard

2020-04-26 SQL Server

SQL Wildcard, They are used just as LIKE operator, and also WHERE clause to search for a mere pattern in a column, The wildcard in SQL is used in a string to substitute characters.



2020-04-14 SQL Server

SQL DROP TABLE statement is used to remove table in a database. When you use the SQL DROP TABLE statement to remove a table, the database engine deletes all objects associated schema to that table including data, indexes, constraints, table structure, triggers


WHERE Keyword in SQL Server

2020-04-10 SQL Server

WHERE Keyword in SQL Server, In this post, The SQL WHERE keyword is used to select data conditionally, by adding it to already existing SQL SELECT query. The WHERE keyword can be used to select, update and delete data from table, but for now we will stick with conditionally retrieving data, as we already know how to use the SELECT keyword


SQL Drop Database

2020-04-07 SQL Server

SQL Drop DataBase: The DROP DATABASE Statement is used to drop or delete a database. Dropping of the database will drop all database objects (tables, procedures, views, function etc.) inside it. The user should have admin privileges for deleting a database.


EXISTS Keyword in SQL Server

2020-04-02 SQL Server

EXISTS Keyword in SQL Server: The SQL EXISTS condition is used to test for a subquery and is considered to be met, if the subquery returns at least one row. It can be used in a SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement.


Create A Windows Service In Asp.Net C#

2020-04-01 ASP.NET

Create A Windows Service In Asp.Net C# You can start, stop, and pause a service from here by right click on the service. Windows service is a computer program that runs in the background to execute some tasks. If you open your Task Manager and click on the Services tab, you will see hundreds of services running on your machine. You can also see the statuses of these services. Some examples of Windows services are  check emails, print documents, SQL Server agent, auto-update of Windows, file and folder scanning and indexing and so on.  Some services are running, some have paused, and some have stopped.


How To Create Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator in MVC using c#

2020-02-19 ASP.NET MVC

How To Create Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator in MVC using c#, bmi calculator code in asp net c program to calculate bmi using 2d array bmi calculator source code in c# write a program that calculates and displays a person's body mass index (bmi) write a program that calculates and displays a person's body mass index - python c# body mass index bmi calculator visual studio code bmi function in c programming


javascript function return boolean

2020-02-12 Javascript

The Boolean. valueOf() is an inbuilt function in javascript which is used to return a boolean value either true or false depending upon the value of the specified boolean object. It returns false if the string argument is null otherwise it returns true.


How to convert datatable to json format in c#

2020-02-02 ASP.NET

Convert Datatable to JSON C#: This article explains how to convert DataTable to JSON string in C#. ex. serialize DataTable to JSON array in C#. For example, let’s say you have SQL database and now want to return SQL data to JSON in C# application ex. how to return JSON String from DataTable in C#. There are 1 ways to achieve this task and that are: By using JavaScriptSerializer, By using Json.Net DLL ( newtonsoft )