Enable SSL for the Project in .Net

Enable SSL for the Project in .Net


In this article, You will how to enable SSL in yor project, so, several common authentication schemes are not secure over 
plain HTTP. In particular, Basic authentication and forms authentication send unencrypted credentials. To be secure, 
these authentication schemes must be use SSL.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol defined to allow Web servers and Web clients to communicate more securely 
through the use of encryption. When SSL is not used, data sent between the client and server is open to packet sniffing 
by anyone with physical access to the network.


In Solution Explorer, click the WingtipToys project, then press F4 to display the Properties window.
Change SSL Enabled to true.

Copy the SSL URL so you can use it later.

The SSL URL will be https://localhost:33200/