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In this article, you will learn what is Full Form of USB – UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS

OTP stands for One Time Password. It is a 4 or 6 digit code which is also known as a one-time pin or dynamic password. It is a type of security password that is valid only for a single-use or transaction and on a single computer, mobile device, etc., which is used for the transaction. You must have heard about OTP somewhere and you have not yet understood what OTP is, so today we will tell you what is OTP? Where is OTP Used? And why is OTP used? Also we will know about OTP Full Form. So lets know about OTP. 1 OTP Full Form? What is OTP? What is OTP in Hindi What is OTP (ONE TIME PASSWORD)? OTP full form Where is OTP used? Use of OTP Who Sends OTP? Benefits of OTP - Profit of OTP Disadvantages of OTP - Loss of OTP Important things for OTP- Important note of OTP What is OTP (ONE TIME PASSWORD)? OTP full form What is OTP? When we do any online work that comes under any security, such as Online Transaction or create any kind of online account, our mobile number and email id are attached under the security to do such work. . Where to confirm or verify the user in the account, a message is received on the Attached number or email id, in which the password is written. This password is only used once in a while, hence it is called ONE TIME PASSWORD or OTP. OTP is a secure code that is used for a fixed time period of 2 minutes to 15 minutes. After that it becomes Inactive. It plays a key role in the secure transaction process. So you must have understood that the full form of OTP is One Time Password. Before using OTP, you will have to attach your mobile number or email id to your bank account or online security services, only then you will be able to use it. OTP is mandatory for some services such as Net Banking, Card payment, etc. OTP will have to be used to avail services. OTP you will be able to receive only on the registered number. If you have ever done online shopping, then OTP arrives on your phone at the time of online payment and your payment will not happen until you enter that OTP. And the validity of this OTP is also for a few minutes. In this way, OTP is a major use in a secure online transaction. OTP is most commonly used in the following areas, such as in Net Banking, in online transactions, in Google account, in E.commerce website, like- Paytm in Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Digital wallet and Private Banking Id. , Used in Airtel Bank, Google pay, phone pay etc. Who Sends OTP? OTP is not sent to you by anyone, it is sent to you by the server, which we know as Auto Intelligence. This allows you to identify your reality and apply it to you. Benefits of OTP - Profit of OTP In today time, we want to make all things online, such as Shopping, Transaction, Mobile Recharge, Social Media accounts etc. All these are used to use OTP. Due to OTP, the user is able to use all these services safely. We know OTP as Phase II security. Disadvantages of OTP - Loss of OTP OTP is used only once. If the transaction is canceled for any reason, you will have to get the OTP again. Sometimes OTP is delayed due to server down. The second OTP is less secure than the first OTP verification. Now hackers are bypassing it in many ways. Some banks only use OTP to transfer money, which is not very secure. Important things for OTP- Important note of OTP Do not give your OTP to anyone. Use it confidentially Do not share account information and register mobile number with anyone. Today we explained what OTP is, where and why OTP is used, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of OTP. Hope you like our post today.