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Date Formatting in JavaScript with Intl .DateTimeFormat

2021-10-03 Javascript

Date Formatting in JavaScript with Intl.DateTimeFormat. Use Intl.DateTimeFormat in Javascript and set an option for that. it is simple and more usable. javascript date format yyyy-mm-dd hh mm ss, javascript date format dd-mmm-yyyy, javascript time format, javascript date output format, moment js format, javascript change date format, javascript date to string, query date format.


How to minify Javascript code

2020-06-06 Javascript

How to minify Javascript code: in this article, we will describe, this includes the removal of whitespace, comments, and semicolons, along with the use of shorter variable names and functions. Minification of JavaScript code results in compact file size. Minification, also known as minimization, is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from JavaScript source code without altering its functionality.


javascript function return boolean

2020-02-12 Javascript

The Boolean. valueOf() is an inbuilt function in javascript which is used to return a boolean value either true or false depending upon the value of the specified boolean object. It returns false if the string argument is null otherwise it returns true.